Thermosetting Ceramics:

Breakthrough Performance and Processing

Covaron Advanced Materials introduces a truly disruptive chemistry: thermosetting ceramics.
Based on this patent pending technology, PETRAFORGE™ thermosetting ceramics combine high-performance physical properties comparable to traditional advanced ceramics with the ease of fabrication similar to two-part thermoset polymers.

PETRAFORGE™ thermosetting ceramics enable extraordinary increases in performance for applications of virtually any physical size and shape economically, sustainably, and with lower energy consumption.

Property Advantages without Heat Sintering Disadvantages

PETRAFORGE™ thermosetting ceramics offer outstanding temperature, strength, and chemical and corrosion resistance properties. Covaron’s technology breakthrough creates these outstanding physical properties while eliminating the need for heat sintering required for traditional advanced ceramics, avoiding the associated high cost, energy intensity, and part limiting disadvantages.

As a result, PETRAFORGE™ thermosetting ceramics are poised to replace current materials such as steel, aluminum, thermoset polymers, and engineering plastics and create competitive advantage in a variety of industrial, energy, and infrastructure applications.