Products need to start somewhere, right? Covaron Advanced Materials partnered with Industrial Air Technology Corp. of Gaylord MI to put this product to the test and prove the lab results could be duplicated in the field for this advanced Thermal Barrier Coating of PetraShield or TRC-2 for short. Covaron’s new ready to spray room temperature air curable coating was applied on the exhaust pipe of an industrial coating furnace that operates daily at above 400 °F.

The reflectivities of the coated and uncoated side were measured using an FLIR camera and using a reflectivity standard tape placed on the surfaces. The heat loss through radiation was measured using thermal targets placed 1 inch away from the coated and the uncoated side. The temperature of the thermal target was used as a measurement of the amount of thermal energy radiated from the coating. What did we find? The heat loss reduction of the coated side of the test pipe was measured to be 40%. Just a tad better than the lab results. Not too bad for the first real-life conditions performance of TRC-2.