Covaron Products and Applications

The Better Ceramic

PetraForge® is a proprietary new composition of matter exclusively offered by Covaron Advanced Materials. PetraForge® shares the physical properties of advanced technical ceramics, such as thermal stability, but is unique in its ability to be custom formulated for each application’s specific requirements. Petraforge® delivers valuable and highly desired capabilities that ceramics of the past could not. Current line of applications include:

Coatings & Adhesive

PetraForge® coatings can be used in transportation, oil & natural gas, material handling, and other industries.

  • Capable of operating at temperatures of 1000 C
  • Thermal conductivity of 0.80 (± 0.15) W/m*K
  • Resistant to chemical attack and abrasion
  • Tunable co-efficient of thermal expansion & elasticity

Mold Tooling

PetraForge® can be fabricated into a variety of durable molds including: injection, thermal, resin transfer, rotational, blow, etc., used to manufacture urethane, metal, and glass components. Speed and reduced cost enable domestic producers to create competitive advantage for their end products in both total cost reduction and time from design to commercialization. Current technologies require several weeks to months for a single mold.

  • Accelerating product innovation
  • Reducing time to market
  • Delivering CAD to molded product in under a week
  • Low cost rapid-prototyping

Ceramic Foam 

Covaron’s foam line is in development for high temperature foam core panels in the manufacturing industry as well as lightweight refrigerated cargo insulation.

  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Custom-tailored cellular matrix
  • Chemical resistant
  • 5 to 95 percent dense

Intricate 3D Parts

The PetraForge® process can create complex component geometry.

  • Micron level detail retention
  • Can be cast, molded, extruded, and more
  • Compatible with milled and 3D printed patterns
  • Potential to eliminate machining to save on waste, time, and overall reduce cost

Ceramic Composites

With low temperature or cold-sintering, PetraForge® can be reinforced using additives never before used in the advanced ceramics industry. The ceramic composites platform can be utilized in raised tile and thermal-barrier sandwich panels for the construction & transportation industries.

  • Woven & chopped fiber compatibility
  • Increased thermal and physical shock resistance
  • High flexural strength
  • Aesthetic versatility
  • Customized shapes and sizes

Material tailoring on demand, see what Covaron can do for you.

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