PetraShield™ Thermal Barrier Coating TRC-1

Room Temperature Cure, Medium Temperature, High Reflectivity Coating

PetraShield coatings are Zero VOC, ceramic-like coatings that combine the formulation and process versatility of a polymer coating with the physical properties of an advanced ceramic. PetraShield coatings can be applied by wet spraying and rolling processes. The coating adheres to various substrates such as steel and glass.
Features and Benefits

  • Room temperature and humidity cure formula
  • High reflectivity (Providing up to 30% heat loss reduction with furnace temperature of 1000 °C)
  • Low thermal conductivity (<1.0 W/mK)
  • Corrosion resistant and high chemical stability
Thermal barrier coatings, heat shield protection for energy conservation, heat sensitive components, solar cells, etc.
Technical Specifications
* The coating is intended to be applied to the cold side of the bricks in furnaces allowing for furnace interior temperatures >1100°C.

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