Covaron Material Technology

Petraforge is a two-part geopolymer-ceramic composite system that forms materials with properties similar to technical ceramics, with the advantage of ease of mixing, minimum shrinkage, and lower processing temperatures.




2 component system: Part A solid and Part B liquid
The material can be processed using several standard mixing and application methods
The final step is a low temperature cure
Covaron has developed a thermal management coating for several types of steels, aluminum, glass, refractories, and ceramics. Covaron’s thermal barrier coating is able to reach emissivity levels as low as 0.2 at operating temperatures of up to 550 °C, with no thermal aging of the coating. That’s in addition to superior adhesion, high hardness, and excellent abrasion resistant. Different family of products can also achieve emissivity levels as low as 0.5 at operating temperatures of up to 1000 °C, while maintaining the superior mechanical properties.

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